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Title: Crazy
Fandom: Original
Pairing: past Callie/Helene
Word Count: 700
Warnings: None?
Summary: What happens when a criminal and a superhero break up? Normal ex things.
A/N: Written for the prompt rope @ [community profile] femslashficlets and imprisonment on my [community profile] hc_bingo card. (This is the first thing I've written in MONTHS. YAY!)

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Title: My Night / Your Night
Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Chloe/Max/Kate
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #09 - TFLN - (865): Oh my god. We just got locked out of our cabin and went to the neighbor's to see if they had a key and caught the neighbor jerking it. My night > your night / #50 - remainder =^B
Word Count: 777
Summary: Max needs a spare key to her dorm.
A/N:.I wrote this all the way back when prompt #9 was new, and didn't like it much. I then forgot it until the beginning of this year and liked it better - I dunno why. xD I'm posting it now before I change my mind. Also I don't know who or if there was an RA in the game but I made one up? =x

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