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Fic: Crazy [Original - F/F]

Title: Crazy
Fandom: Original
Pairing: past Callie/Helene
Word Count: 700
Warnings: None?
Summary: What happens when a criminal and a superhero break up? Normal ex things.
A/N: Written for the prompt rope @ [community profile] femslashficlets and imprisonment on my [community profile] hc_bingo card. (This is the first thing I've written in MONTHS. YAY!)

A burn was beginning to itch Helene's skin as she twisted her wrists again, the rope irritating her further. Hands bound behind her back, legs awkwardly crossed in front of her in an attempt to find a comfortable position on the concrete basement floor. Some criminal mastermind she was, Helene thought sourly, not for the first time. The plan had been to break into the Super's home, steal some equipment rudely confiscated from her, and get back to her own place before noon.

That was two days ago.

A familiar click-clack of heels permeated the air as Helene rolled her eyes. She was far from pleased by her captor even as the woman smiled pleasantly at her as she entered the room. A tray of food was in her hands -- holy hell, was those onion rings? Helene's stomach growled traitorously. Ice clinked against glass as her captor knelt a few feet away from her feet.

"Hungry much?"

"Go jump off a bridge."

Short, dark hair bobbed as the other woman nodded. "I've done that, thanks to you. Good thing my body is indestructible or I'd be dead now."

"If you had died, Callie, I wouldn't have had to come to your place to get back my stuff."

Callie's mouth twisted slightly. "Your stuff? You mean the photo album that we made together? The one that I mostly worked on?"

"And the dog."

"I paid for Huey, even though he was your gift to me."

"You're welcome."

"I also trained him, fed him, washed him, and walked him regularly while you were nowhere to be found."

Placing the tray on the floor, Callie stood and moved to walk away. Helene was angry, but not stupid. She'd been sitting here for two days without any food (but thankfully there had been some bathroom and water allowances) and there was a tray of pot pie and onion rings two feet out of her reach. Her stomach was willing to begin eating her intestines soon.

"Come on!"

Snorting, Callie let out a bitter laugh. "That's all you can say? You spent a day and a half cursing me out and today when I try to make a little peace, you act like this?"

"Pfft, whatever. You didn't have a problem with 'this' for four years."

"Yes, and then I discovered you were a criminal!"

A wry smile. "You gotta admit, my best criminal act was stealing your heart."

Reluctantly, Callie allowed herself to laugh, briefly. It was an ernest laugh though, something she hadn't felt in over a year.

Helene with a bit of a start, realized she missed that sound dearly.

"I'm sorry." She finally relented.

Callie stared at her in shock for a long moment before she picked up the tray and sat beside Helene. Wordlessly, she began feeding her prisoner the food, starting with an onion ring. Feeling silly, but grateful, Helene ate in silence, only groaning in pleasure at the first fork full of pot pie. It wasn't until she was done and Callie wiped Helene's mouth witb a napkin that they made eye contact for the first time.

"I'm sorry," Helene repeated. Her tone was more heartfelt this time, placated by the meal. "For being a dick to you."


"And breaking into your house. Twice."


A huff. "And trying to kill you. Which wasn't totally my fault - you know how crazy I can be when I'm angry."

"Pushing me off a bridge with a car is a bit much though."

Helene gave a half-shrug in answer, a playful smile on her lips. "It was the crazy, I tell ya."

Standing and collecting the tray, Callie turned and began to leave.

"Well tell the crazy she's going to sit there a bit longer and think about what's she done."

Click-clack of heels then a pause.

"And maybe Huey will pay a visit later."

"You can't keep me here!" Helene buckled against the heavy rope holding her to a pillar. "This is illegal and you're a superhero! What will the public say when they find out?"

Callie's voice was distant but audible. "I'll tell them that the crazy made me do it."
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I love this! So much plot and characterization in a little space, and I like both of them.