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Title: Break her heart
Fandom: The Good Wife
Pairing: Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma
Rating: T
Prompt: #110|#002 - break
Word count: 100
Summary: Alicia never expected Kalinda to break her heart.

Title: Temporary loss
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Alexandra Cabot
Rating: T
Prompt: #110|#019 - home
Word count: 100
Summary: In a way, Alex felt as if she had been killed.

Title: Morning rituals
Fandom: Hannibal
Pairing: Alana Bloom/Margot Verger
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#023 - mirror
Word count: 100
Summary: The mirror was large enough for both of them.

Title: Worry
Fandom: sense8
Pairing: Sun Bak/Soo-Jin
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#031 - heart
Word count: 100
Summary: Soo-Jin worried about Sun.

Title: Pushing away
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Paris Geller/Rory Gilmore
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#047 - fight
Word count: 100
Summary: She was so used to fight for what she wanted, against everyone that came in her way, that it became her second nature.

Title: No words
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Pairing: Hoshi Sato/T'Pol
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#055 - dialogue/no dialogue
Word count: 100
Summary: She was at a loss for words.

Title: Paths
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Rating: T
Prompt: #110|#61 - choice
Word count: 100
Summary: All that stood between them was a choice.

Title: Happy Ending
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing: Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#074 - happily/unhappily ever after
Word count: 100
Summary: Paris, the city of love.

Title: Not there
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Myka Bering/Helena "H.G." Wells
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#83 - ghost
Word count: 100
Summary: Helena was there, but wasn’t.

Title: Promises
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser
Rating: G
Prompt: #110|#092 - promise
Word count: 100
Summary: They couldn’t promise to stay together against all odds.

Note: sorry for the slight delay, but I didn't want to wait another 10 weeks, as this the final part of the set of 100 fics x 100 pairings that I started at challenge #100.

Could I get a fandom tag for Law & Order: SVU, Gilmore Girls, Star Trek: Enterprise, Warehouse 13?
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Link to all (to be replaced with individual AO3 links)

Title: The baby is late
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Pairing: Cheedo the Fragile/The Dag
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#021 - late
Word count: 1000
Summary: The Dag fears for the future of her child

Title: 5 pranks Sera pulled
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Sera/Cassandra Pentaghast
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#022 - five things
Word count: 1000
Summary: Sera was just trying to make Cassandra laugh.

Title: Broken Mirror
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Pairing: unrequited Mirror Kira Nerys/Kira Nerys
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#023 - mirror
Word count: 100
Summary: It was like seeing herself in a broken mirror.

Title: Kiss
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Cassandra Cillian/Estrella
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#024 - kiss
Word count: 100
Summary: For the first time, she realized she could have this.

Title: Sins
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jeri Hogarth/Wendy Ross-Hogarth
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#025 - the seven deadly sins
Word count: 1000
Summary: Jeri was far from being a good person.

Title: Virtues
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jeri Hogarth/Pam
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#026 - the seven virtues
Word count: 1000
Summary: Pam thought of herself as a good person

Title: Qunari kink
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Pairing: Female Adaar/Sera
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#027 - kink
Word count: 100
Summary: Sera had a Qunari kink.

Title: Lifting the mood
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Sera/Female Cadash
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#028 - mood
Word count: 100
Summary: In a single day, she managed to lift Malika’s mood.

Title: City map
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#029 - map
Word count: 100
Summary: It was their way of planning dates

Title: Balance
Fandom: Star Trek The Original Series
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#031 - heart
Word count: 100
Summary: Nyota had too much heart.

Title: Panic attack
Fandom: One Day at a Time
Pairing: Penelope/Jill
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#032 - hurt/comfort
Word count: 100
Summary: Penelope has a panic attack, Jill is there to help.

Title: Queen and King
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Female Cousland/Leliana
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#033 - queen
Word count: 1000
Summary: Elissa actually believed they could make a difference, that was what her arrangement with Alistar was all about.

Title: What-ifs
Fandom: Code Black
Pairing: Malaya Pineda/Carla Niven
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#034 - maybe
Word count: 100
Summary: On the good days, Malaya managed not to think about what-ifs.

Title: Fairy Tale Princess
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Eve Baird/Cassandra Cillian
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#035 - fantasy
Word count: 100
Summary: Eve was a fairy tale princess, and Cassandra was her prince charming.

Title: No warning
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#036 - consequences
Word count: 100
Summary: The consequences had to catch up with her at some point.

Title: Perfect and unattainable
Fandom: The Good Place
Pairing: Eleanor Shellstrop/Tahani Al-Jamil
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#037 - paradise
Word count: 1000
Summary: So, this was it. The Good Place. Heaven. Paradise. The best possible outcome. The most desirable place to be.

Title: Another Universe
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sam Carter/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#038 - alternate universes
Word count: 100
Summary: In another universe, Atlantis had them both.

Title: The question
Fandom: sense8
Pairing: Amanita Caplan/Nomi Marks
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#039 - question
Word count: 100
Summary: Nomi was ready to pop the question.

Note: Mods, could I please get tags for The Librarians, One Day at a Time, Code Black, and The Good Place?
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Title: Involved
Fandom: Dead Or Alive
Pairing: Hitomi / Kasumi
Rating: All Ages
Prompt: 031 – Heart [040 – Remainder]
Word Count: 970
Summary: Post-DOA5. Hitomi questions Kasumi about her motives.

* * * *

Involved )
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Title: grow ourselves new skin
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Pairing: Sasha Banks/Charlotte/Becky Lynch
Rating: G
Prompt: #031 - heart
Word Count: 777
Summary: Sasha seems to think that being rivals in this revolution means she can't be with her girlfriends anymore. Charlotte and Becky just wish she could see that it doesn't.

[read on AO3]
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Title: Trust
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Maggie/Tara
Rating: Teen
Prompt: #031 (heart)
Word Count: 999
Summary: Maggie and Tara go on a run together. It’s quiet but she’s not alone, and that’s when Maggie likes it best.
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Challenge #030 is now over. Thank you to this week's challenge participants, [personal profile] suicix , [personal profile] immolate_the_silence , [personal profile] melime and [personal profile] fresh_brainss , and prompt table participants [personal profile] suicix and [personal profile] fresh_brainss .

Challenge #031 is heart.

As always, femslash ficlets of between 100 and 1000 words are welcome. See our profile for more detailed rules, and don't forget to make your claim at the Poems by Sappho prompt table challenge. Thank you!


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