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Name:femslash ficlets
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Community description:weekly femslash prompts for ficlet inspiration
[community profile] femslashficlets is a weekly challenge prompt comm based on the now-defunct [community profile] femslash100 comm. Every Thursday, a prompt will be posted which writers can use as inspiration for a femslash ficlet.


- For the purposes of this comm, we're defining 'femslash' as a relationship between two or more characters/people who self-identify as women.

- There are varying definitions of 'ficlet' but we're going with anything between 100 and 1000 words.

- RPF is welcome, as is original fic.

- As indicated by the 'or more' above, threesomes and moresomes of any kind are also most welcome.

- Please only respond to the current challenge prompt. If you're running a little late with your response, you are welcome to post for the previous prompt after the new challenge goes up, but if you're later than a day or so it's probably better to wait for the remainder period. The remainder period will be open every tenth prompt, and any previous prompts can be written.

- Ficlets can be stand-alone works or part of an ongoing series.

- Post your ficlet (or a link to it) as a separate entry to the community. Ficlets can be posted directly to the comm or linked from elsewhere.

- If you're posting directly to the comm and your ficlet is more than 100 words or rated R or above, please post it under a cut.

- You can write as many ficlets as you'd like, but if you're awesomely prolific please be thoughtful of flists and consider posting multiple ficlets per entry.

- Use a standard header to post your ficlet. For example:

Word Count:

Anything vaguely similar is fine.

- Tag your ficlet with 'challengeXXX' (XXX being the number of the challenge you're responding to), author: yourusername and fandom: yourfandom. Only the mod can create new tags, but this will done asap. If we somehow miss that you need a new tag, please point that out to us!

- With permission from [community profile] femslash100, we're using a similar reward system for word counts:

100 or 1000 word count =
any other exact hundred (eg. 200, 300, 400 etc) word count =
any exact 'fifty' (eg. 150, 250 etc) word count =
any 'triple hit' (eg. 111, 222, 333 etc) word count =
any other word count =

We won't be checking word counts, so if you don't list one, you'll get the default red heart. :(

- If you'd like to affiliate with the comm, pm the mod or comment on any mod post.

- If you have any other questions/suggestions/whatever, feel free to pm [personal profile] fsf_mod or comment here.


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