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Title: Too late to go back
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Briala/Celene Valmont
Rating: G
Prompt: #090|#021 - late
Word count: 100
Summary: It was far too late for them to go back to what they were.
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Title: Meeting points
Fandom: sense8
Pairing: Amanita Caplan/Nomi Marks
Rating: G
Prompt: #090|#021 - late
Word count: 222
Summary: Amanita was late to meet Nomi.
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Title: Celebrating freedom
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jessica Jones/Patricia Walker
Rating: T
Prompt: #090|#086 - sweat
Word count: 200
Summary: They weren’t celebrating a murder, not exactly.
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Part of the Not the one you lost series.
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser

Title: Political Game
Rating: T
Prompt: #090 - remainder/#058 - game
Word count: 150
Summary: The truth and what was the right thing hardly mattered, and that was disgusting, but what was even worse was that they had to rely on this game.

Title: Not according to plan
Rating: T
Prompt: #090 - remainder/#036 - consequences
Word count: 250
Summary: Their plan failed.

Title: Better than any dream
Rating: G
Prompt: #090 - remainder/#057 - dream
Word count: 333
Summary: Cassie finally learns of Janet.
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Title: Stop Haunting Us
Fandom: X-men
Pairing: Jubilation Lee/Laura Kinney
Rating: G
Prompt: #090 - remainder/#083 - ghost
Word Count: 150
Summary: "You're dead, Logan, move on!"
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Title: the strength of the world in us
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Pairing: Sasha Banks/Bayley/Charlotte/Becky Lynch
Rating: G
Prompt: #085 - blood | #090 - remainder
Word Count: 732
Summary: Finally, Becky feels like she can stop to take a breath. The battlefield looks just about empty, the only other figures still standing up being three that she knows, that she trusts, that are on her side.

[read on AO3]
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Title: the shadow, it grows
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Pairing: Sasha Banks/Alicia Fox
Rating: T
Prompt: #087 - tears | #090 - remainder
Word Count: 1000
Summary: It goes without saying that whatever Sasha’s been called in here for, it’s something bad. You only have to come to headquarters when you’re being assigned something or once a kill is complete - neither of which are true for her right now.

[read on AO3]
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Title:  "Hands"
Fandom:  Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade
Pairing:  Ellen/Guinevere/Miledy
Rating:  T
Prompt: #081 - jealousy | #090 - remainder
Word Count: 999 (AO3 disagrees.  Shrug!)
Summary:  Miledy finds some aspects of a three-way relationship easier than others.

[Hosted at Archive of Our Own]
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Title: stay lost in what we found
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Pairing: Brie Bella/AJ Lee
Rating: T
Prompt: #089 - lost/found | #090 - remainder
Word Count: 1000
Summary: Hotels, AJ thinks, have always been in-betweens.

[read on AO3]
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Challenge #089 is now over. Thank you to our challenge participant, [personal profile] reinadefuego and prompt table participant, [personal profile] merryghoul .

Challenge #090 is our remainder challenge, where you can write any previous prompt. All previous prompts are listed in the challenge masterlist, but to remind you, the most recent were: )

As always, femslash ficlets of between 100 and 1000 words are welcome. Please check our profile for more detailed rules, and don't forget to make your claim at our Shakespeare Quotes prompt table challenge. Happy writing!


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