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Title: Celebrations Gone Wrong
Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening
Pairing: Severa/Noire
Rating: PG-13 for mild violence and alcohol
Prompt: 009 - TFLN
Word Count: 1090

Summary: (404):Sorry for drunkely attacking your best friend with a bow and arrow then loudly crying myself to sleep....PMS?

Of course, that had been three days ago. )
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Title: Eighteen and Out
Fandom: Bad Blood (Taylor Swift music video)
Pairing: Cut-Throat/Domino
Rating: PG
Prompt: #006; open + remainder week
Word Count: 375
Summary“This is your family, baby. We love you. We need you here with us.”
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Title: May Lightning Strike
Fandom: Fire Emblem (Archanea games)
Pairing: Palla/Minerva
Rating: PG 
Prompt: Twist (4) and Want (5)
Word Count: 365
Summary: Their first kiss is not as earth-shattering as Minerva expects.
Note: I wrote this during the relevant weeks but was late to post.

she knows they’re both waiting for the other to be weak first. )
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Title: Some of Your Power
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sarah Blake/Ruby
Rating: T
Prompt: 007 - Dark (010 - Remainder)
Word Count: 666
Summary: Sleeping with this Ruby creature could be considered a step in the wrong direction. 
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Title: I must've been lying to myself anyway
Fandom: Degrassi
Pairing: Holly J/Fiona
Rating: T
Prompt: history
Word Count: 407
Summary: "Holly J! I was beginning to wonder if university had swallowed you whole." // Holly J tries to cope with an attraction she doesn't understand.
Link: here
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Title: Song of Death
Fandom: Age of Ishtaria
Pairing: Elato / Lich
Rating: Mature
Prompt: 007 – Dark [010 – Remainder]
Word Count: 920
Summary: Beware the binders and keepers of souls.

* * * *

Song of Death )
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Title: By Degrees
Fandom: Age of Ishtaria
Pairing: Aksel / Knight of Ishtaria (F)
Rating: Mature
Prompt: 004 – Twist [010 – Remainder]
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: The heroine you summon might be your undoing.

* * * *

By Degrees )
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Challenge #009 is now over. Thank you to our participants, [personal profile] gloss , [personal profile] thursdaybright , [personal profile] rosage and [personal profile] phrenotobe !

Challenge #010 is our very first remainder challenge, where you can write any previous prompt. All previous prompts are listed in the challenge masterlist, but to remind you, the last ten were: click )

Femslash ficlets of between 100 and 1000 words are welcome, as always. Please tag your ficlet with the original challenge number, and see our profile for more detailed rules. Thank you!


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