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Both Eyes Open [Persona 5 – Haru / Ann (All Ages)]

Title: Both Eyes Open
Fandom: Persona 5
Pairing: Haru / Ann
Rating: All Ages
Prompt: 117 – Charm
Word Count: 850
Summary: Ann does her best to help a charmed Haru.

* * * *

All of the Phantom Thieves had learned to recognize the signs of being charmed, and they had learned to bring the medicines needed to treat the condition if one of the denizens of Mementos inflicted it upon one of them, but those Shadows, like the humans whose hearts had spawed them, had always been unpredictable.

And Ann rediscovered that fact on the day that one of them charmed Haru.

She recognized the spell as the Succubus cast it, looked for all of the signs, from shallow breathing to poor posture to half-open eyes, but Haru did not have those reactions. Instead, she inhaled sharply, her face tight, eyes wide open, and she started running as quickly as she could. Ann immediately looked to Akira, and he nodded to her to pursue Haru, confident that he and the others could finish the fight without her.

Driving through Mementos had become tedium, familiar and uninteresting, but walking through it by herself reminded Ann of how oppressive the place could feel. She could hear countless voices, hissing, mumbling, whispering, and the wind that touched her face felt like the fingers of corpses, carressing her skin against her will. More than once, she had to pause, shake her head, and take a deep breath before continuing, all to keep the ambiance of the place from soaking into her soul. That affected all of the Phantom Thieves to certain degrees, but they did not think about it in the car.

"Haru?" Her voice echoed through the cavern-like corridors, but she did spot Haru a fair distance down one of them, and she hustled towards her, keeping her eyes peeled for other Shadows that might emerge from the darkness that surrounded them both.

"G-Get back!" Haru said, keeping her face turned to the wall. "Please!"

"What's wrong?" Ann asked. "I-I've got the medicine. I can fix this."

Haru took one second to compose herself before she said, quietly, still not looking at Ann, "It's ... not that. I think that's wearing off. But ... I've learned something about it. That particular spell, I mean." Then, she did turn to look at Ann, and she had tears streaming down her face from beneath her domino mask. "It acts on what's already in your heart. M-Most of the time, it just turns you a little, so that you do what the Shadow wants, but –" She folded her hands together to keep them from shaking. "– if there's something in there, like a really, really strong feeling, it can bring that to the surface, like it's opening both of your eyes to something you really don't want to admit to yourself."

"What feeling, Haru?" Ann had a small suspicion at the back of her mind, but it seemed almost absurd. Haru had not said anything that gave any of her feelings away to her.

Haru took off her hat, removed her mask. "We don't talk about that stuff in my family, you know. When you're an Okumura, you keep everything to yourself, bottle it up. You do what you're supposed to do, not what you really want to do." She sighed. "But I'm not at home, my father's dead, and it's just you and me here, isn't it?" Ann nodded. "So, well –" She made herself look Ann in the face. "– the Shadow charmed me, and I looked at you, and, w-when I did, I realized that ... that –" She could not finish.

Ann stepped forward and gave her a hug, asking, softly, "What did you realize?"

And Haru replied, maintaining the hug, "You ... don't have to do anything with it, really, but ... I think I'm falling for you, Ann. In fact, I'm pretty sure I am." Her voice brightened. "Saying that really helps me feel better, but, like I said, you don't have to do –"

Ann cut her off by kissing her. She half-expected Haru to let go, to back off, but she did not, instead kissing her back, and that kiss seemed to last for a good, long while.

When Ann surfaced for air, she asked, "What if it's okay and I want to return your feelings, Haru? Would you ever have told me if that hadn't happened?"

"I don't know," Haru admitted. "I'm so used to keeping everything inside that I might never have said anything." A sheepish smile. "But I did say it. I just wish you hadn't found out here, of all places." The wind moaned around them. "Mementos isn't very charming, you know. I'd rather have told you back at ... Destinyland, maybe."

"That far back, huh?" Ann blushed. "Kind of a romantic, aren't you?"

"Maybe," Haru said, "but so are you." Ann did not disagree. "We need to get back to the others." She replaced her hat and mask. "We'll decide what to do about this later."

"Wait," Ann said as Haru turned to leave. "Just ... a little more, okay?"

"Okay." Haru smiled sweetly before kissing her again, long and lingering, like the first.

Mementos did not seem quite as scary under those circumstances.