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Lasso [New Game! – Hajime / Yun (All Ages)]

Title: Lasso
Fandom: New Game!
Pairing: Hajime / Yun
Rating: All Ages
Prompt: 116 – Rope
Word Count: 870
Summary: Hajime asks Yun for help in rendering a rope in 3-D.

* Notes: This can happen during either season of the anime.

* * * *

In a 3-D environment, all objects are comprised of polygons, and the physics of that environment act upon those polygons. A simple ball is not a true sphere, but a panoply of triangles, each too small for the human eye to perceive under normal circumstances, stitched together to seem like a sphere, deforming and reforming as the ball appears to bounce. A basic lesson of 3-D, if one stopped to think about it. But Shinoda Hajime did not have to make a ball bounce. She had to make a character toss a lasso across a ravine and around a post on the far side. That, she could do. She had the skills.

Taking that toss and making it look believable had become a real challenge, though. The physics engine apparently liked to pretend that it had been made for a PS1, and it had a tendency to make the rope model either tear or fly off in a direction that made no sense. Hajime had been able to cover that up before, under a previous version of the engine, but a recent fix to it – to keep a skirt on one of the NPCs from flying up, she had been told – had caused a number of objects to go haywire. Including her lasso. Umiko had shrugged and told her to handle it, but she had offered her no advice on that.

This left Hajime grimacing at the screen in front of her as she said, sighing, "Yun. Any chance you can help me talk the scenario team into having this be a ladder instead of a rope?" Ladders only had to be rectangles. They did not have to pretend to be anything. And they did not have to move – that is, if they did move, they did not have to change their shapes, did not have to deform. They acted like spears, staves, and swords, all things that Hajime loved to move and pose, both in the physics engine and in reality.

Yun replied, turning in her chair and shaking her head, "Where's the main character supposed to keep a ladder when she's not using it? Is it supposed to be one of those fold-up ladders the firefighters use? In a fantasy world?" She wrinkled her nose at Hajime. "Seriously, you've been working on that all morning. Isn't there any way you can kludge it and go back to it later? I've seen how long your to-do list for today is." And they both had big Post-It ™ notes on their cubicle walls featuring the next project deadline in the biggest, boldest red permanent marker that Rin had in her arsenal.

"No," Hajime admitted, bowing her head and resting her chin on her chest. "This is part of that whole escape sequence. You know, that one boss." She could tell from the shade of blue that Yun turned that she realized exactly which boss Hajime had in mind. "The one where there's a bunch of little scripted events, one right after another. If I don't get this right, it's going to hold up a bunch of other things. So. Yeah. I don't think I can even go to lunch until I make this work." Another sigh before she slapped both of her cheeks and looked up at the screen again. "If you've got any insight, I'm listening."

Yun asked, standing up from her desk, "It's a rope. Not a monster. Monsters are more my thing." Hajime sighed again. "And I'm not letting you skip lunch. You could stand to clear your head and get back to it when you're feeling refreshed. Besides –" Her smile seemed almost sinister as she narrowed her eyes. "– you know what day it is. Are you so into this that you're willing to miss the Red Bean Bun Special?" That made Hajime perk up immediately. "I thought not. C'mon. Let's get going before the crowds show up."

"All right," Hajime replied, almost jumping to her feet, "I'll admit defeat for now. Let's tell Yagami-san, and I'll give it another shot when we get back." She squinted at Yun for a second. "Wait. Did you do your hair differently today?" Yun raised a brow. "Seriously, it's been different all morning, and I haven't noticed? Oh, boy." She shook her head. "Guess that means lunch is going to be on me this time, huh? I'm good for it."

Yun laughed softly and said, as they started walking around the corner of the cubicles to go and find Kō, "No, no. I know you picked up that Max Factory Dandy Max –" She paused. "– that Max Factory Dandy Max –" Again. "That's so hard to say. Anyway, you picked it up, you're almost broke. Again. So I'll pay. I'll put it on your tab." Hajime looked a little green. "There isn't a tab. I'm just saying that. If there was, you'd be paying me back for the rest of your life. C'mon, take a deep breath. You'll deal. You'll be okay."

Hajime said, "O-Okay." She almost did not notice that Yun had her by the hand as soon as they told Kō about their lunch plans and headed for the elevator. ... Almost.


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