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Amazing (The Hour Femslash Drabble)

Title: Amazing 
Fandom: The Hour
Pairing: Marnie Madden/Lix Storm
Rating: G/T (pre-slash)
Prompt: 112, Bed
Word Count: 300

When she sees Marnie Madden sitting at a table in the Ladies’ Club, she wants to turn. It is one thing to know that you personally do not care for men, it is quite another if that preference were common knowledge with her employer. Times may be changing, they have not changed yet. But before she can take the cowardly exit, Marnie calls to her. 
Enter your cut contents here.
“Lix Storm, fancy meeting you here. Care to join me?”
“Mrs. Madden, what an unexpected surprise.”
“Honestly, Lix, you never thought for a moment I would visit an establishment like this? Call me Marnie. It is my name after all.”
Lix looks over her boss’ wife, well, ex-wife. Still delicate, highly femme, but somehow she seems to take up more space. 
“Did you expect me to be here?” First rule as a journalist, don’t engage with answering questions, keep the initiative.
“Your reputation has a habit of preceding you.”
“Now all I have to do is live up to it.”
“I have no doubt that you will.”
Surprising herself most of all, Lix takes the seat at Mrs. Madden, now Marnie’s table. 
“Whiskey for the lady,” Marnie commands with an ease that pleases Lix. “I have no intention of going to bed any time soon, so we might as well enjoy ourselves.”
Lix scans the room, smiles and nods at a few familiar faces. She watches a waitress move through the crowd with ease, a tumblr of whiskey on a tray.
“Grazie bella,” Lix says. The girl giggles and turns, swaying her hips. “She has a lot to learn.” Lix says, “though I guess it works on some.” She takes a slow sip from the glass, making sure to watch Marnie over the rim. 
“So you speak Italian?”
“It’s amazing what you learn in war.”

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