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Shakespeare 20

Title: Star Kissed Lovers
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Fates
Pairing: f!Corrin/Scarlet
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
Prompt: 20 She's beautiful and therefore to be wooed - Henry VI
While trying to cheer Corrin up her own way, Scarlet makes a strange discovery.

Since the Ice Tribe Village, Corrin has wilted like an old flower. None of Scarlet’s jokes or stories revitalize the spark Corrin held when they first met. She’s only earned forced smiles, and the darkness in Nohr’s forests hides even those.

Cheering up comrades is one thing, but comforting a love has never been Scarlet’s forte. She expresses herself with her hands, whether punching someone or pinching a mosaic tile between her fingertips. They aren’t pretty—the knuckles are bloody more often than not—but Corrin often cradles them and murmurs blessings against the calloused palms. Scarlet can’t return Corrin’s compliments so smoothly. She even tried to write letters, like some tongue-twisted lover, but it didn’t make the words better in the first place. Tussle with me in the mud, girl isn’t any way to woo a princess.

Still, Scarlet can only fall back on what she knows. When the army breaks for a rest, she takes Corrin behind a giant tree root and presses her against it, muffling Corrin’s weary sighs with her mouth. She can’t see Corrin’s expressions, but she can feel her arch against Scarlet, claw-like fingers exploring Scarlet’s cheeks and jaw.

“I missed your face,” Corrin murmurs when they stop for breath.

“How come I didn’t say that?” It’s a silly thing to sound put out about, all things considered; Corrin chuckles, and Scarlet returns to muffling her.

A gasp leaks through. “My hair…”

Apparently it’s gotten tangled in the root. Scarlet never has to deal with that; she cut her own as a child after it got pulled while sparring. She loves weaving ribbons in Corrin’s too much to suggest she cut hers, too. It’s a pity Scarlet can’t see it so mussed.

While Corrin works it free, she fumbles with Corrin’s armor, wanting to give her more reasons to make noises besides mournful sighs or battlefield shouts. Her spear rests within reach. Enemies, even monsters, could surface any time, and Scarlet is Corrin’s armor now, albeit too short to cover her entirely.

Triumphantly she pulls up Corrin’s shirt. The sight bemuses her. At first, she thinks Corrin has somehow created a mosaic on herself, but even Scarlet’s weapon doesn’t shine in so little light. Silver scales dot Corrin’s abdomen, twinkling like stars.

“And you said you wished you had freckles like mine.”

“They appeared after I started transforming more,” Corrin says. “I was worried they were some kind of rash, but Azura thinks it’s fine.”

Scarlet whistles. “I’ll say it’s fine.”

“You don’t think it’s strange? I mean, it’s one thing to turn into a monster in battle, but…”

“You kidding me? You’re…” Scarlet grapples for words to describe how her love is literally glowing.

Instead she lowers herself until she’s almost kneeling, letting her hands roam down Corrin’s stomach (and divine princess or not, Corrin leans against her touch as much or more than any girl Scarlet has known).

“They aren’t usually this bright,” Corrin says, still sounding concerned beneath her breathlessness. “And there’s not even anything for them to reflect.”

“Maybe it’s some survival ability? Your own tummy torch.” Scarlet tickles between the scales, and Corrin giggles, the second laugh Scarlet has heard from her in a while.

“Scarlet, I mean it.”

“Or maybe you’re just blushing.” The scales are warm to the touch.

“Well, I did bring a beautiful girl to her knees.”

Scarlet groans. From this position, she can’t swallow Corrin’s pretty words.

Rather than compete, she presses her lips to Corrin’s abdomen, finding the junctures in between scales and muscle and soft flesh. For all the time she’s spent in flight, crouched here in the muck is the first place she’s kissed the night sky.

That’s a pretty turn of phrase for once, she thinks—but her mouth is too busy for speech, and she hopes Corrin gets the idea.

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