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Title: Servant Girl
Fandom: A Little Lily Princess
Pairing: Sara/Becky
Rating: General Audiences
Prompt: Work
Word Count: 528
Summary: Becky is Sara's one consolation.

Becky had stories of her own, now. )

Fandom tag please?
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Title: The Perfect Moment
Fandom: Pokemon X and Y
Pairing: Shauna/Serena
Rating: General Audiences
Prompt: Date
Word Count: 555
Summary: Shauna wants everything to be perfect with Serena. A little ficlet inspired by my favorite love song, Perfekt by Die Ärzte.

They would both wear beautiful dresses... )
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Title: Light and Cold
Fandom: Interviews with Monster Girls
Pairing: Hikari/Yuki
Rating: General Audiences
Prompt: Vacation
Word Count: 500
Summary: Yuki trusts Hikari, but sometimes she doesn't trust herself.

This must be just perfect for you, Yuki... )

Fandom tag please?
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Title: Real Gold
Fandom: Silent Hill
Pairing: Heather/Claudia, Heather/FOC
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Prompt: Charm
Word Count: 750
Summary: Claudia brings back Heather's memories. (Warning: Dark material)

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Silent Hill tag please? Thank you.
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Title: Challenges
Fandom: Pokemon Sun and Moon (games)
Pairing: Lillie/Moon (female protagonist)
Rating: G for general audiences
Prompt: believe
Word Count: 600
Summary: Lillie and Moon meet again.

Read more... )

If there is still room in the tags I need one for myself and for the Pokemon fandom. If not I understand!


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