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As Though at Sea - The Lord of the Rings - Éowyn/Lothíriel

Title: As Though at Sea
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Pairing: Éowyn/Lothíriel
Rating: G
Prompt: Begin
Word Count: 444
Summary: Lothíriel finds many things in Rohan unsettling, but none so much as her future sister in law.

"I half think I know you already, my lady," Lothíriel said, then blushed at her temerity.

Éowyn clicked her tongue against her teeth, perhaps disapproving, perhaps speaking to her horse.

"King Éomer speaks of you with great favour." And then there were the stories: the shieldmaiden who had struck down the unslayable, the hero of the Pelennor, the White Lady of Rohan and Gondor. The most beautiful Daughter of Men in Middle-Earth.

Still Éowyn did not answer, and Lothíriel glanced back the way they'd come. Her carriage and escort were already well out of sight, and she wondered how far they would go.

"Have I done aught to offend you, my lady?"

"Nay." That marked the first word Éowyn had said to her since asking her on this excursion, and almost the first in two days since she'd met Lothíriel's company at the border. It seemed for a time all the answer Éowyn would give, but then she turned, her expression fierce, and said, "Yet I fear for you."

Lothíriel looked down, fixing on the ears of her sorrel mare. After months of lessons, she still rode it uneasily, unused to split skirts and riding astride. Again she wondered if it were true that the women of Rohan birthed their children on horseback, and what might be expected of her. Finally, she said, "You need not concern yourself, my lady, I am not my mother," to flee to her homeland when foreign ways became too much and war loomed, "Nor my aunt," to pine away to nothing for the want of the sea. Ah, the sea. Would she ever hear it again?

"So your father has told my brother," Éowyn said, her voice colourless but a softness about her eyes betraying concern. "But your maidens told mine a different tale; they say you have left more behind than a city and a home."

So that was it. "I am not otherwise pledged, nor my heart engaged," she said, and did not regret the lie. She had left Nime behind, parting from her as a friend. That seeing a woman riding with the wind—resilient as steel and shining like white gold—had stolen Lothíriel's breath, and that in the two days since she never quite got it back, did not count towards the question.

"So careful with your words, my lady. Truly, you will be shocked by the Sons of Eorl." Éowyn seemed not to move, but her horse edged against Lothíriel's until their ankles brushed under their skirts. "And the Daughters."

Heat crept into Lothíriel's face, and she dipped her head. Yet when she looked up, sliding her gaze sideways, Éowyn was smiling.
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I love the use of different styles of dialogue to show their personalities and origins. And I love Lothíriel's new crush, and the fact that she had a girlfriend before, and the flirting.

Yay, you wrote something for them. <3
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I love this. You have captured the "voice" of each culture so well, a tribute to your knowledge of Tolkien's world.

Also, is it warm in here? *fans self*

(darn, this is my only LOTR icon over here on DW! Well, it might be appropriate for a femslash comm, actually?)
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Hmmm... my current randoms? It could be fun to write here for Agent Carter (which I FINALLY caught up on) or maybe for SHIELD. I'll think about it.
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stupid autocorrect. fandoms!
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Oh so gorgeous. I love reading of Éowyn being seen this way!
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This was so beautifully written! I wish I could go more in-depths, but it's been so long since I've read the books and I was never much in the fandom. This definitely makes me want to go back and reread, though.
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Well hey, c'mon, what's fanfic for if not expanding on characters who didn't get enough screentime!

Also yes! I'm sort of trying to get back into fic-writing after a, like, several year long unintentional hiatus (nothing happened, I just dove a little too far into RP-ing and stopped writing on my own) and having a weekly ficlet challenge is kind of the perfect thing. Especially since I also feel a little obligated to make up for all that femslash I didn't write before.
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Ha, I'm terrible at commitments too. I'm optimistic about there being catchup week, though, case I start getting into the "put off put off put off" routine!
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Ohh, this is really lovely! *^^*
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I really like this! I can't blame Lothíriel for crushing on Éowyn; who wouldn't?
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Well, there's an issue in volume three where she does go into space and she wears a spacesuit for that. I personally believe she could use magic to briefly keep oxygen around her in case of an emergency, but if she lost her concentration the spell would break so a spacesuit is preferable.

Wanda in space! I'm looking forward to reading that! I actually just finished a Carol/Wanda drabble for "break" but it doesn't involve space so luckily I won't be stepping on your toes ;-)